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Best Aquaguard Water Purifier, 6 stages of purification power saving


  • 6 liters Capacity.
  • Bright LED indicator.
  • Power savings.
  • 8.64 kg weight.


Style Name: RO+UV+MTDS | Design: Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Review: Water sources are getting contaminated, and the municipalities also add chlorine or fluorine in our tap waters to get rid of viruses and bacteria. That’s why installing a water purifier is becoming the priority for every home in India. Drink clean water is an essential need for day-to-day life.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier Review and Guide

Nowadays, you need a product that suits your smart home, and then this Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart Plus is for you. There are six different stages of purification in this filter. Special among these all stages is Chemi Block, which reduces the excess chlorine, organic impurities and also absorbs bad taste and odor. There is one problem that every water purifier user faces are that the membranes get damaged fastly. This is due to the scaling of magnesium and calcium on membranes, but in Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart Plus, we get a Membrane life enhancer filter that prevents Ca and Mg scaling.

There are smart indicators with different color highlights of the purification process is on, tank full, no water supply, or any other error. There is a smart plus protect feature which protects from damage at high voltage fluctuation.

Features of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier:

Here are all the features of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier Delight:

  • The Aquaguard Water Purifier has Corded Electric power support.
  • The Aquaguard Water Purifier comes with 6 liters of Capacity but it could have been a bit more.
  • The Aquaguard Water Purifier weighs around 8.64 kg weight.
  • This water purifier has Competent TDS regulators.
  • When it comes to consuming power then the Aquaguard Water Purifier is very helpful as it consumes very little power and it has a Power savings mode.
  • The Aquaguard Water Purifier has the copper Technology for water purification and according to science and scriptures, the copper tuned water is best for our body.
  • As advertised on TVs, the Aquaguard Water Purifier does not lose any essential minerals, however, it is not possible so it is just a gimmick that it will not lose any essential minerals.
  • The best part of the Aquaguard Water Purifier is that it enhances the taste of water after removing all the impurities from water. So if in your region the water taste is not good or if it is salty then this RO is best for you.


  • Black color.
  • Copper Technology for Purification
  • Inbuilt voltage regulators.
  • Bright LED indicator.
  • Taste enhancement after removing impurities
  • Very easy installation.
  • Long-lasting cartridge.
  • No loss of essential minerals
  • The tank is very tightly sealed to prevent any external contamination
  • Removed the high presence of chlorine and impurities from water.


The Aquaguard Water Purifier is a little bit expensive.

Here the complete water purifier buying guide:

Drinking-Water Quality

Before getting the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Delight, you must know about the Water quality that you are drinking. And if you are wondering how can you check water quality at home then there is a device called a TDS meter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. You can test the water at home or get it tested in a lab with the help of a TDS meter. If the TDS shows 200 ppm then the water quality is considered as very good and above then that can be bad.

Which Water Purifier works best for you?

There are various types of Water Purifiers out in the market such as RO, UF, UV, etc. Some water purifiers have a combination of 2 or 3 technologies such as RO + UV. To choose the best and classic water purifier, you need to know the TDS of water.

TDS below 200 ppm- UV or UF or even UV+UF.

TDS 200-500 ppm- RO or RO+UV.

TDS above 1000 ppm- RO, RO+UV

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Delight is one of the best water purifiers available in the market.

What should be the capacity of the Water Purifier?

The capacity of the Water Purifier depends upon the members at your home. If you have 1 or 2 members then you should get 4-5 liters of storage tank water purifier. If you have 3-4 members at home then the 6-8 liters of tank capacity will be ideal. Otherwise, if you have 5-8 members in your home then you can choose 10 or above liters of storage capacity water purifier. However, if you have a joint family or have more than 8 members in your home then it is recommended to install 2 or more water purifier because if you only install 1 water purifier with a huge tank capacity then there are very high chances that the filters will no longer work more than 3 or 4 months.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Delight

Before buying a RO or Aquaguard Water Purifier, you must know about its advantages and disadvantages. As there is a lot to consider before making your purchase. Have a look:


  • RO Water Purifiers are best when if you want to treat hard water.
  • RO Water Purifier removes the bad and toxins from the water such as lead, Fluoride, mercury, Arsenic, Chlorine. Do you know that Lead can cause you brain damage and anemia which is a serious disease?
  • RO removes the Cryptosporidium from that hard water you are unknowingly drinking. This is commonly found in the lake’s water and river.


When you look at the disadvantage of RO Water then again there is a lot which Water Purifier companies won’t tell you about, have a look:

  • While removing toxins and bad chemicals from water, this also removed some essential mineral which is important for the human body and this includes iron, magnesium, calcium, and sodium.
  • Water Purifiers do not kill waterborne diseases.
  • This also affects water taste and the water taste gets altered.
  • A lot of water wastage is being done by these Water purifiers and there is no solution to that. It depends upon you, how you save the water. You can also use the rejected water for mopping and flushing toilets.

Maintenance Cost and Warranty

The gravity purifiers are the cheapest whereas the RO and RO+UV are the costliest to maintain. Also, when it comes to getting a Water Purifier, we would suggest you check the after-sales service and the service quality. The cost of the filters should also be known before getting a water purifier.

Pro Tips: After finalizing the Water Purifier you want to buy, check the dimensions according to the space where it will be installed

What would be the maintenance cost of a Water Purifier?

You don’t need to spend anything or may need to spend a little for the maintenance of the water purifier during the first year as you will get some free services from most of the brands. But you will have to change the filters every 6 months after that, otherwise, you won’t receive the benefits of the Water Purifier.


So this was the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Purifier in India. You can choose any one of them. We have mentioned different types of water purifiers and in diverse price ranges.

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