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Best Laptop Under 50000: MI Notebook 14 10th Gen i5 (1.5kg)


  • the laptop is made of aluminum
  • 2GB dedicated GPU for gaming and editing
  • 10 hours of usage on battery after a full charge.
  • Fast charging technology
  • windows 10 intel UHD graphics silver


Style name:i5/8GB RAM/512 SSD/Built-in Camera
The Mi Notebook 14 is the best laptop under 50000 in India for students and businessmen. Xiaomi appeared in the Indian PC market with two variations – the top-notch Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition and the more reasonable of the two, Mi Notebook 14. This laptop is one of the best laptops for students and for business persons. It is an ideal laptop for all types of use. For instance, you can do document editing, consuming media, taking notes, playing a few games, using high-end software, etc.

The Mi Notebook 14 means to fit directly into this need. While the organization clearly advertised up the Horizon Edition as the masterpiece despite the fact that it passed up a lot of things contrasted with the opposition around there, the base variation of Mi Notebook 14 is really the incentive for-cash offering that would bode well for a ton of understudies and ordinary office laborers.

The Mi Notebook 14 is minimal, thin, and weighs basically 1.5kg. A magnificently planned 35.56cm (14) FHD Anti-glare display with thin bezels offers you a vivid and immersive viewing ability that you’ll cherish. Outfitted with the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, it’s a productive beast that licenses you to perform multiple tasks like a Pro. Regardless of whether it’s watching, coding or planning, you’ll mastery the Mi Notebook 14 following through on the guarantee of speed and proficiency.

With 7-8 events sooner switch speeds than normal HDDs, sooner boot-ups, and game-loads, it accompanies a 512GB SSD. Intended for a simple composing aptitude, it accompanies scissor-switch keys with an excursion distance of 1.3mm, making composing extra careful than at any other time.

With the entirety of this and similarly a 46Wh Battery with 10 Hour Backup, we’ve acquired you lined for the whole day. The Mi Notebook accompanies an in-fabricated webcam to make e-learning extra available, make your work-from-home classes extra gainful and stay connected along with your relatives. And as per our experience, the Mi Notebook 14 is the best laptop under 50000.

Below, you can find out complete details and specs about the Mi Notebook 14.

Best Laptop Under 50000: MI Notebook 14 Review

The Laptop market is not that broad and it is yet to expand a lot. Laptop Manufacturers are looking for great opportunities in the market and pricing their products aggressively. ASUS, Acer, HP, DELL, and Lenovo are some of the most popular laptop brands all over the world. All these brands have come up with great features and pricing.
These brands cover most of the price segment for laptops but the 50000 price mark is much more competitive than it looks like. And there are tons of laptops to buy under this price range from all the different brands. There is no famous laptop brand from which you will not find any laptop under this price range. But the weird part of this is that most of the laptop brand has launched their gaming laptops under this price range and if you are a business person of a student which don’t want to buy a bulky laptop then these laptops are not good for you.
Xiaomi is one of the brands that has come up with a great approach in the Laptop market with great options. They have released a new series of laptops in the international laptop market which are good for students and business persons, as these laptops are not bulky and at the same time comes with great performance and price.
These Mi Notebooks offer standard to very good quality designs. India is the second country after China where Xiaomi is extending its Mi Notebook 14 portfolio with a uniquely altered variant. I have been utilizing this form for longer than a month at this point, and it has figured out how to dazzle everyone.

Mi Notebook 14 Features

Here are all the features of Mi Notebook 14 aka the best laptop under 50000, have a look:

  • The Mi Notebook 14 has a 14-inch FHD display whose resolution is 1920 x 1080.
  • The processor of this laptop is from Intel which is core i5 10th.
  • The clock speed of the processor is about 1.6 GHz and the turbo boost or the boost clock speed of the processor is around 4.2 GHz.
  • When it comes to the GPU or graphics card then there are a lot of Best Laptop Under 50000 in which you will find a better GPU but as this laptop is lightweight and portable, so this laptop has an Nvidia Geforce MX250 which has a 2 GB of VRAM and the memory type is GDDR5.
  • Apart from that, this laptop has an integrated GPU as well which is the Intel UHD Graphics 620 which helps it save power while doing some normal tasks. And this laptop uses a dedicated GPU or graphics card when it requires high power. For instance, while you are gaming or editing, it will use the dedicated GPU.
  • The Mi Notebook 14 comes with an 8 GB of DDR4 memory which is good enough to do all types of work and the RAM clock speed is around 2,666 MHz. And if you want to expand the RAM then you can easily do it as it has empty slots inside it.
  • The bad thing you may or may not like about the Best Laptop Under 50000 is that it only has SSD which is good for fast responses but it creates a problem for storage as it has only 256 GB SSD.
  • This laptop comes with different storage options which are 256 GB and 512 GB.
  • If you are wondering about the battery capacity of the Mi Notebook 14 then please be informed that this laptop has a 46Wh battery along with a 65W power adaptor and according to the brand, this laptop can easily give you around 10 hours of usage on battery.
  • Also, the power adaptor is quite good when it comes to charging, your laptop will be charged quite fast.
  • The Mi Notebook 14 comes with the Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition.

So this was all about the Best Laptop Under 50000, Mi Notebook 14 Edition review. Now, you must want to know about the Pros and Cons of Mi Notebook 14, have a look below.

Mi Notebook 14 Edition Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros and cons of the Best Laptop Under 50000 then there is a lot of knowledge about this laptop, have a look.


  • The laptop is made of aluminum which makes it feel premium.
  • Comes with preinstalled Windows 10.
  • Lightweight 14-inch laptop with a bright screen and narrow bezels on the sides.
  • The power adaptor helps it charge quickly.
  • The Battery life is higher than a laptop in this price range.
  • Comes with Intel’s latest processor.
  • Sleek and metal body design makes it premium in looks and gives it a feel like Apple Macbook Air.
  • It has a 2GB dedicated GPU for gaming and editing, and some other heavy tasks.
  • Comes with various connectivity options such as HDMI, USB 3.1, headphone jack, etc.
  • You can easily play lightweight games like CS: GO, Valiant, etc on high settings. But it is not meant for gaming.
  • You can do 1080p editing on the go.
  • It comes with a scissor-style key switch for typing.
  • Comes with fast charging technology which can charge this laptop within minutes.


  • It doesn’t have any ethernet port.
  • This laptop heats a lot while you are gaming or editing high res footage as it a made up of metal.
  • It doesn’t have a full-size keyboard.
  • It doesn’t have a camera mounted on the top of the screen.
  • HDD options could have made it even better.
  • Storage options are not there, you only get 256 GB and 512 GB storage options.

So this was all about the Mi Notebook 14 review and its pros and cons. This is the Best Laptop Under 50000 for students and business person, and if you are looking for a portable option that is not bulky and can last you for the whole day on a single charge then the Mi Notebook 14 is the best option to go with.

Is Mi Notebook 14 the Best Laptop Under 50000?

Yes, this is the Best Laptop Under 50000 only if you are not going to do heavy tasks like gaming and editing, however, the laptop is capable of doing that as well, but not as the high-end gaming pc. This laptop is good for editing, and gaming. You can also do normal day-to-day tasks like browsing, searching, watching youtube videos, watching movies, and editing documents, etc.


When it comes to the conclusion, then it can be concluded that the Mi Notebook 14 is the Best Laptop Under 50000 which comes with all the basic and premium features. The Mi Notebook 14 doesn’t lack anywhere in the performance as well as features. The build quality is also quite good and durable and you won’t feel like using a cheap product while using the Mi Notebook 14. This laptop has been presented to the international laptop market keeping in mind that students and business people are the targetted potential buyers.

Overall a good product which can be bought under 50,000. A solid performer for the normal users under this price range.

So this was all about the Best Laptop Under 50000, the Mi Notebook 14 review. Hopefully, you will like our approach.
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