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Best USB Gaming Headphones – RGB LED Effect [Special White Edition]

Best USB Gaming Headphones – RGB LED Effect [Special White Edition]

  • High quality built-in noise cancelling microphone for a quick and stable communication.
  • RGB lights LED effects enhances the  gaming experience
  • Virtual 7.1 surround  sound for the perfect sound experience.
  • Providing a 1-year manufacturing  warranty


Best USB Gaming Headphones - RGB LED Effect [Special White Edition]

Best USB Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect

As we know, today many users are spending their time  playing high-quality games. Somewhere it is a passion  and somewhere it just entertainment. If you are also  spending a lot of time playing high-quality games then  it is quite necessary to have the best USB Gaming  Headphones that can make your gaming experience far  better.

There are a lot of models available in the market of  different brands and choosing the best one is a bit  difficult task. There is also an issue with the budget, so  if you are looking for the best Gaming Headphones in  your budget then you are in the right place. We are  providing you the complete details of the best Gaming  Headphone. Let us have the complete description.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones with  RGB LED Effect

Redgear is one of the best brands in the market, which  is dealing in the best gaming headphones. This Redgear  headphone are available at a very affordable price and

provide all the features that a gaming headphone  should have.

It is made up of heavy material plastic and strong wires  that ensures the durability of the headphone. This headphone has an amazing design that makes it quite  attractive so that users can wear it anywhere without  any hesitation.

This Headphone is perfect for gaming because it has an  amazing sound quality, when a user will start shooting  while playing an action-based game, they will able to  feel an amazing sound. The sound is very clear and  crisp, which makes it a reliable product.

This is an over-ear headphone, which is quite  comfortable than any earbuds because it gets fits to  the ears perfectly. There is also a metallic frame that  can hold the headset properly and will make them  durable. The USB function of the headphone is quite  amazing, as it helps in better audio quality transfer and  also a good microphone quality so that users don’t have to compromise in any situation.

Operating this headphone is not a difficult task, as it  has very easy functions so that users have not to face  any difficulties. The soft cushion of this headphone  allows all the users to wear the headphone for a long  time so that if you are doing any job then you don’t

have to face any pain in your ears. Let us know about  the features of this headphone.

Features :-

# Sound Quality

This headphone comes with a virtual 7.1 surround  sound for the perfect sound experience. It also  supports Dolby sound, if users want to listen to Dolby  sound then they need to enable it. This sound will help  you in playing a good game, users can easily find the  opponent’s position and activities with the sound of  this headphone.

# RGB Light

The RGB LED light feature makes this product more  reliable. These RGB lights are also on the tip of the earphone and onear-puffs. It has a variety of colors  that can help you to enhance a better gaming  experience. It also comes with an audio control so that  users can easily manage the sound that they want and  play the game like a professional gamer. These RGB  lights make this Headphone the best Gaming  Headphone.

# Design

This Headphone has an amazing design, which is over ear and the metal frame outside the cushion makes  this product durable, as it protects from getting  damaged if it falls anywhere. The headphone has an  amazing construction quality.

There is also a strong plastic wire and a physical  interface that will help you to increase or decrease the  volume. The amazing thing about this headphone is  that it has an auto-adjuster feature. So users don’t have  to fix the size, as it will be perfectly fixed to their head  size automatically.

# Noise-Canceling

The microphone of this headphone comes with a  noise-canceling feature, which is quite beneficial for  the users. It comes with a closed earcups design, which  blocks any type of outside sound or distraction to come  inside the headphone, which impacts the users to play  the game without any disturbance.

If you also like to listen to songs then this feature will  help you to provide an immersive experience or if you  are in an online meeting then this feature will help you  to listen to all the things very carefully without any  noise issues. So going with this best Gaming  Headphone will be a great choice.

# USB system

This Headphone comes with a USB interface, which is  quite amazing if we compare it with any other hole  system. This feature ensures easy file transfer and better audio quality for the user’s convenience.

# Warranty

The company is providing a 1-year manufacturing  warranty for this headphone. So that users don’t have  to worry if there are any manufacturing defects, users  can replace it.


  • There will not be any sound effect after long use. Users will be able to listen to the same quality  sound until they use it.
  • The RGB lights of the headphone enhances the  gaming experience, as it has bright multi-colors.
  • The Noise Cancellation feature will never disturb  the users from any outside noise so that users can  use it comfortably.
  • It comes with a thick wire so there is no issue of  getting broke or damage.
  • The auto-adjusting feature will help to fit the  headphone perfectly. Users don’t need to adjust it  with their head size, and provide a comfortable  gaming experience.


  •  The software is a bit antiquated and it will be quite  tough for the users to update it.
  •  The USB connector should be made up of better  quality.
  • The metal frame is a bit heavier, which makes this  headphone heavy.


So this is all about the best Gaming Headphone, we  know that there are some cons to this headphone but  it is common. After all, users are getting great sound  quality headphones at a very affordable price. So we will recommend all the users, if they are looking for the best Gaming Headphone, then Readgear headphone  will be the best choice.

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