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Best VIP Suitcase: Amazon Basics Set of 3 Trolley bag


  • Handy and light in weight.
  • High-quality rolling wheels.
  • 3 set of Interior capacity: 39 Liters (21-inch); 69 Liters (26-inch); 105 Liter (30-inch)
  • 3 years of limited waranty
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Style:55 cm + 68 Cm + 78 Cm | Colour:Burnt Orange

Everyone requires a suitcase to travel. The era of carrying heavy handy bags or trekking bags is gone. For traveling, some require a VIP Suitcase, whereas some just need a normal suitcase. Suitcases nowadays come with a lot of features and if you get a VIP Suitcase for yourself then you can even get some more advanced features.

These VIP Suitcases used to be the requirement for most of the business people however in today era everyone requires a good and business suitcase to travel. A good VIP Suitcase has a decent design with a soft handle and rolling wheels so you don’t have to keep the bags in your hand for longer times and then your hands start paining after carrying the handy bags.

When it comes to getting to a VIP Suitcase then there are a lot of different designs that this suitcase comes in different designs such as textured, shiny, soft side spinner, etc.

Currently, the Hardsife Spinner Textured VIP Suitcases are in trend and the shiny and soft side spinner suitcases are outdated in design as well as features, so it is recommended to get a Hardside Spinner VIP Suitcase.

And if you are wondering that which brand you should go with, as there are plenty of options in the market to choose from but there are only some big brand or you can say leaders in the suitcase industry and the names are as follows: American Tourister, Samsonite, Eagle Creek, Delsey, Travelpro, Sky Bags, Tumi, Victorinox, Briggs & Riley, and there are plenty of other big brands in the market. But there is a popular brand with which you may be familiar or unfamiliar.

This brand is called Amazon Basics and they are making some amazing quality products as they have a lot of experience but the best price is that they are making quality products at affordable prices. Unlike these big brands which charge a lot in the name of big brands, so if you are tight on a budget and looking for a premium and VIP Suitcase then you have landed at the right place. Below, you can find out the complete review of the Amazon Basics Set of 3 VIP Suitcases.

Amazon Basics Set of 3 VIP Suitcase Review

These Amazon Basics products are quite popular on Amazon but the big question is that are these any good? A lot of customers have reviewed these products and they found out that most of the Amazon Basics products are very well built, comes at a very reasonable or affordable price, and all the consumers have faith in Amazon so they can buy them blindly.

The Amazon Basics VIP suitcase is one of the most positively reviewed products on Amazon. But there is again a big question that there are a lot of Amazon Basics suitcases on Amazon so which one you should buy and which suitcases are best for all types of consumers. There is a VIP Suitcase with a hard side spinner textured design and this is not just a single product but you are getting a pack of 3 at the same price. So according to me, this deal can’t be better and you should get yourself one as soon as possible as most of these steal deals get out of stock very soon.

But before you get your hands on the Amazon Basics Pack of 3 VIP Suitcases, let’s have a look at its features, pricing, and more.

Features of Amazon Basics VIP Suitcase

When it comes to the features of the Amazon Basics VIP Suitcase then it is one of the best VIP suitcases that comes in this budget. The first best thing you will find in this suitcase is that it has 2 extra suitcases in which one is medium-sized and one is small-sized. All the suitcases are hardshell types. Also, this suitcase has 2 hardshell textured finishes which look awesome.

This is one of the most selling Amazon Basics products, so in the future, you may find it in different colors. But currently, this is only available in 1 color which is orange. The small suitcase can be carried while traveling for business work. And you can carry the medium and small size suitcase while traveling for holidays or vacations.

Also, there is a suitcase from Amazon Basics which comes with a softshell which is very unpopular.

  • Ideal for trips and vacations
  • Can carry up to 39 liters  (21-inch); 69 Liters (26-inch); 105 Liter (30-inch)
  • Zippered Pocket with Handy Divider for easy organizing
  • Telescoping handle
  • This suitcase can be extended up to 15% for extra capacity.
  • Comes with 4 wheel spinners for smooth-rolling mobility and you can easily turn this into any direction while walking.
  • Walking with the suitcase is very smooth even on a rough surface.
  • This suitcase comes with 3 years of warranty which is the best part.

Here are some tests which Amazon does before delivering your VIP suitcase:

  • Stability test
  • Castor/roller-durability test
  • Seam-strength test, Control-elements test, Stacking-capacity test
  • Effects-of-humidity-exposure test
  • Active-handle-strength test
  • Drop test, Zipper test, Colorfastness test
  • Effects-of-extreme-temperature-change test
  • Resistance-to-corrosion test

So these were some tests which the brand does before delivering your product. All these tests are available on the product official page as well.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Basics Pack of 3 Vip Suitcase

Here are some of the pros and cons of the suitcase which you should know before making your purchase:


  • This suitcase is very handy and light in weight.
  • One of the best value for money suitcase.
  • The sturdiness of this suitcase is on the next level and it is one of the toughest suitcases available in this price range.
  • The locking feature of this suitcase works amazingly well.
  • Easy to move around because of the high-quality rolling wheels.
  • Comes in 3 sizes of if you carry it for business then you can use a small or medium suitcase and for tips, a big suitcase can be used.
  • Comes with various organizing options.


  • This suitcase does not come with a lock so you would have to buy it separately.
  • Not good for hiking.

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