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Best Gaming Headphone with Mic RUNMUS K11 for Noise Cancelling


  • The microphone si attains a red LED light 3.5mm headset plug
  • Highly compatible runs on most devices like laptops, computers, tablets, etc.
  • Attains the sensitivity of 119±3 dB. 
  • The weight of this gaming headphone is 357 Grams.  


Best Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphone RUNMUS K11

Best Gaming Headset for Noise-canceling

Are you looking for a Headphone for your gaming? Well, if yes then this article is for you because there are plenty of products that are not providing the best quality and when you’re going to buy a headset especially for gaming then every customer must buy the best product which provides noise-canceling and many other features.

Gaming Headphones are quite different from normal headset because it requires more quality so that they can provide a great gaming experience to its users. When you go for an online search of Gaming Headphone then there are plenty of options but to find the best among them is a tough task to do.

Well, we’re here to serve you and suggest you the best gaming headphone for you. The name of the product is RUNMUS K11 Over-Ear 7.1 noise-canceling headset. In this article, we’re going to review this product and discussing that why this product is the best gaming headphone for noise-canceling.

RUNMUS K11 Over-Ear 7.1 Gaming Headphone

RUNMUS K11 Over-Ear 7.1 is an over-ear gaming headphone which is a Gaming Headphone for noise-canceling specially designed for gaming purposes. The design of this product is also awesome which gives you an impressive gaming look. This product comes in Black and Red (mixed) color which provides an impressive look on it. The sound quality of this gaming headset is also impressive. So, you can enjoy a clear and stunning sound in this product. To know more about this product let’s discuss the features of this product.

# Features of Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphone RUNMUS K11

All the features of RUNMUS K11 Over-Ear 7.1 gaming headphone are listed below:-

  1. Design:- This product is specially designed for gaming purposes which attain extra soft visions so that you can easily do your gaming for a long time. The body of this product is made with high-quality plastic.
  2. Audio Control:- This gaming headphone attains volume control features so that you can easily control the audio range while gaming.
  3. Microphone:-This gaming headphone comes with an inbuilt microphone so that you can take calls or give commands while gaming. The microphone of this product also attains a button so that you can control the settings of the microphone. The microphone si attains a red LED light which gives you a great gaming experience while playing.
  4. Sound system:- The sound system of this product is a 7.1 surround sound system which gives you the best gaming experience of your life. Not only this, but it also attains 50mm dual neodymium drivers which provides you with a balanced and crystal clear sound quality.
  5. Compatibility:- This product is highly compatible which works on most devices. You can easily use this product in

Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPad, Mobile Phone, PS4, old version Xbox One(Microsoft adapter needed), Xbox One S/X, PC, Nintendo Switch. So, with this product, you came to enjoy high compatibility in your gaming.

# Other features:-

  1. Dimensions:- The dimensions of this product are 21 x 18.5 x 10.5 cm. The weight of this product is 357 Grams.
  2. Usability:- This product is not a wireless gaming headphone. It doesn’t attain any battery for working because this product is a wired gaming headset.
  3. Accessories:- This product doesn’t attain any accessories except the user manual.
  4. Customer ratings:- This product gains great ratings from its customers. This product will get 4.5 ratings out of 5 which is a good rating for a gaming headphone.

So, these are the features of this product that makes this product the best gaming headphone of his range. Now, it’s time to discuss the specifications of the product to know more about it.

# Specifications:-

  • The driver’s size of this gaming headphone is 50m.
  • It attains a sensitivity of 119±3 dB.
  • This power runs with a power of 15mW.
  • It also attains a headset jack which attains the size of USB +3.5mm.
  • Usable for the single hole and one-to-two timeline.


  • The sound quality of this gaming headphone is great which provides a highly balanced and crystal clear sound.
  • The cushions of this product are highly comfortable. So, you can easily use it for a long time gaming.
  • This product is highly compatible which runs on most devices like laptops, computers, tablets, iPad, Mobile Phones, PS4, and many others.
  • This product attains 360° Voice pick-up and immerses sound communication.
  • Best quality noise cancellation system.
  • It attains an in-built microphone which attains the LED light for a better user experience.


  • It is not a wireless gaming headphone.
  • The weight of this product may feel heavy while using it for a long time.

# Buying Guide for Gaming Headphone RUNMUS K11

Here is the buying guide which should be considered by every person who wants to buy the best noise cancellation gaming headphone.

  • Check the sound quality of the headphone.
  • Check whether the headphone is wired or wireless.
  • Should check the reliability and durability of the product.
  • The quality of the cushions should be made with the best quality material.
  • Check whether you’re selected headphone is compatible with other devices or not.
  • Don’t forget to check the weight of the product because it provides the comfort of your head while you’re doing long-time gaming.
  • Make sure that the product is certified and genuine.

By taking these measures in mind you can easily get the best product for you.

# Conclusion

So, here we discussed all the details about

RUNMUS K11 Over-Ear 7.1. After discussing all the measures of this product we can say that this product is a great product which you should buy for gaming.

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